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The right hand edge is quite different to other Xperia phones. The power button has been moved down to halfway along the edge. It's now silver and sits flush with the edge of the phone. This is also where the fingerprint sensor is — a great position for your right thumb when you're holding the phone.

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Down at the bottom of the right hand edge is the camera button. It's in the perfect position for taking snaps in landscape, but not so good in portrait. Between those two is the volume rocker, and this really does feel badly positioned. The volume rocker should sit above the power button, where it would be easier to reach. Every time I tried to change the volume, I'd lose my grip and the phone would almost slip out of my hand.

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If you're left-handed it might be a perfect position for your finger tips, although the rest of the button layout will be much less satisfactory. Design on the front of the phone hasn't changed much.

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  • Sony Xperia Z6 Tablet release date, news and rumors!

The bezels at the side of the screen have been slightly slimmed down to allow a smaller phone without a change in screen size. I wouldn't have a problem with the thick bezels across the top and bottom of the screen if each housed speakers or had some other function. The top bar does include the front facing camera, flash and earpiece, but it's not anything that couldn't be included in a slimmer line. Current page: Introduction and design.

Review: Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact is the best small Android phone you can buy

For Major design improvements Great fingerprint sensor Stronger battery life. Against Expensive No wireless charging Still heating up. Sony Xperia Z5 specs Weight: Android 6. Snapdragon RAM: Introduction and design Next Page Display and key features. If you want a 4.

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Sony has promised an Android 6. Editing the Quick Settings shade in stock Marshmallow involves turning on the System UI Tuner , which is off by default and buried in the Settings even when enabled. Sony adds a button at the top of the shade that takes you right into a Quick Settings editing mode, one that offers access to a few more settings than Google's does including screen casting, NFC, data syncing, and others.

This customizable, four-icon dock lets you launch little windowed apps that float over the top of your main app.

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A handful of Sony and Google apps support the feature out of the box, and Sony provides links to a section of the Google Play Store populated by small apps. As an added bonus, any standard Android widget can be turned into a small app if you want. For others, it seems like it would be easier to switch to the full app or use the normal widget version instead. It gives you several different shooting modes, links to more downloadable shooting modes, and offers full manual control over ISO, exposure, white balance, and a few other things. This also makes it easier for third-party ROM projects like CyanogenMod to get builds up and running on Xperia phones.

If you hate big phones and don't mind last year's hardware, this one's for you.

You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content. Andrew Cunningham. The Z5 Compact and the iPhone 5S—Sony's phone is bigger, but it's newer, and it's still smaller than most Android flagships. From left to right: Bottom to top: The button arrangement from left to right, power, volume, and camera is a little weird. Sony's tweaked version of the Quick Settings shade is easier to customize. Sony adds a couple of extra battery saver modes to the Z5.

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The "Ultra Stamina" mode is pretty restrictive but should save a lot of power. Lollipop's stock battery saver mode is still hidden away if you prefer it for some reason. The multitasking switcher is familiar but adds a dock with app icons across the bottom of the screen.